Amethyst Morgen (junoharkness) wrote,
Amethyst Morgen

Cold Coffee Chapter 9

Jack patiently waits at his desk as he waits for the scan on the computers to spit out the results he's waiting for. After falling asleep at his desk Jack jerks himself awake and one of the computer’s alarms go off letting him know the the results are in and that there's expected rift activity. He quickly reads the results over and he was right. The rift energy that had occurred just awhile after the 456 had belonged to John Hart. What were the chances that John Hart would show up the day Ianto Jones went missing from the morgue.


Jack looks at the location where the expected rift activity is going to be and heads out to the old abandoned ware house. He withdraws his gun hearing some banging inside and flips the safety off as he rounds one of the corners. He sees a silhouette of a man standing off to the corner in the shadows and slowly moves towards him







John looks at Ianto and places a small watch on Ianto's wrist. "This isn't a regular watch. You can use it for time travel." He points to a red button. "If you need to get back here press this button. The black sets the time, year and all that while the green let's you go. It only allows travel for one person."


Ianto nods and stares at the watch before looking up at John and frowning a bit "So what's the plan exactly?"


John rolls his eyes rather annoyed and looks at Ianto "I can't tell you the rest of the plan. I told you, make Jack believe that he just found you and you don't remember what happened. Let Jack believe that your in love with him but be strict as in no sex and don't let him sleep at your place. Got it?"


"Got it." He replies and looks at John giving him a slight kiss on the lips that doesn't last to long "See you soon." he disappears before Johns eyes. He hasn't been able to get rid of the dizziness and nausea that follows with time travel. He stumbles around in the dark in what looks like an old abandoned ware house.


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